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Ruta del Cares
Cares Gorge

Cómo realizar la ruta del Cares


The Cares route or path is a hiking route in the north of Spain located in the Picos de Europa National Park and is the busiest route in the entire Cantabrian Mountains.


The route is part of the old crossing that linked, following the deep gorge that the short Cares River has carved into the massif, two small and remote mountain villages, the Leonese Posada de Valdeón and the Asturian Poncebos.


The current route is the section of just over 12 km, strictly pedestrian, which corresponds to Caín-Poncebos (or Poncebos-Caín): it runs halfway up the wildest part of the gorge —also known as “the divine throat”— , excavated in the almost vertical walls of gray limestone, most of the time flying over dangerous precipices without any protection.

To do the walk, you must approach either Poncebos or Caín with your vehicle. It takes about 4 hours to go through it and about 8 if it is round trip.


It is advisable to hire a 4X4 mountain taxi service that leaves you in Caín or Poncebos and picks you up at the end of the Route to bring you back to the hotel. ​

You can hire this service at: 00 34 659 488 823.


They pick you up directly at the hotel itself.



                Cain:        10:15 am at the hotel reception

      Poncebos:           9:00 am at the hotel reception


​ Sometimes it is very crowded, it is necessary to hire it in advance

Ruta del Cares / Cares Gorge

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